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So this is my first attepmt of drawing my muse and how I see him. Its the first time I try to color a drawing digitally too. I’ve been using the tablet for a month or so and I have to admit I’ve been having a real hard time to get used to it and understand how it works. Still, I decided it was relevant to show I’m trying and I wanted some overall reviews. It’s like 50% done, but if anyone have any tips, I would apreciated it very much. I use paint tool SAI and I have no idea wtf am I doing.


A tribute to Miyuli’s genderbent Merida :> I finally spent some more time on a portrait than just slapping some color blotches on it, yeah!

Well, he’s a bit young, but will look even more awesome when he grows older ;)

// And instead of just restarting everything, I keep reading Hamish’s old threads and I just…. my heart TOT# I’m the worst mun in the world!!!

//I’ll keep following those Hamish was most close to, mostly cause I miss them and it’ll be nice to know how they’re doing, even if from a distance.

//This will no longer be an RP blog. My life made it hard for me to be here and for me to even WANT to be here. Specially after I failed with my RP partners and friends here and left without further notice. I realized I cant promise to not vanish, because I do and do it often and I cant keep doing that to you all,so… This will be a personal blog from now on. Thank you followers, for staying here for so long. All the 126 of you. Specially Hamish’s family and boyfriends…






Follower Appreciation Post! ♥ I love all of you! ♥

Love you guys

Yes I do so love you all


Even if we don’t talk or know each other, you guys are awesome (: